2011 Calendar by Black Cat White Cat Photography

November 24, 2010

Announcing the first ever calendar production from Black Cat White Cat Photography, featuring happy dogs and cats that I have photographed last year.   Available for purchase here!  This makes a great gift for your family and friends.


West highland terriers Seattle Pet Photography

November 21, 2010

Today I have the pleasure of meeting Bridget and Monique, two adorable west highland terriers.   I have a hard time telling them apart, but their personalities are so different.  And I can say by the end of our walk I finally managed to tell them apart.


Oh, the white dots on the pictures are not dirt on my camera sensor, they are actually snow flakes!  We got our first snow of the winter here in the Seattle area.   It didn’t stick though.


This is Bridget:



And this is Monique:


Monique’s first love is digging mole holes on the ground.  This is what she did for 80% of our walk.


Bridget is much more lay back, here she’s resting on the picnic table looking at her dad.



While Monique runs around:


and digs:


This picture makes me smile.  Such a happy dog!


Look at Monique, full of expression.


Bridget is such a cute bundle of fur:



More adventures for Monique:


Bridget runs too, albeit a bit slower.  She’s 11 after all!


They looks so cute together:




Bye bye doggies, it was fun walking with you two and meeting your parents!